• "I have told family and friends that my sessions are wonderful, that I look forward to them and that despite what they may have heard, at least for me, they are not painful and that even if I do experience some discomfort, the end result is worth it… It was not painful and not a full body massage. You only targeted the areas that needed work, which for me meant that I got relief where I most needed it." -Pat


"As a chiropractor and bodyworker myself, I would recommend Theresa to anyone looking for effective, intuitive body work. Her approach is very conscious and precise; and although her technique is relatively gentle in nature, the overall response is one of profound relaxation and renewed alignment, every time. Theresa recently (in one session) helped release an area of chronic tension by probably 80%. I love having her as part of my ongoing wellness team." -Jared

"Theresa is more than amazing and I cannot wait to see her again. She worked on two injuries, one to my head, and my constant struggle with depression. I feel soooo much better that I want to dance. I slept the best I have slept in months after my treatment." -Mary Anne

"I loved my session with Theresa...........plan to go back! I was new to this kind of work so was a little skeptical but she totally made a believer out of me. I was having some physical manifestations of some anger issues (which she caught right away). Following my session with Theresa I was able to deal with the anger issues much more effectively and lovingly. I was blown away by the shift in my approach. It was a wonderful session due to her strong presence and amazing skill!!" -Cheri

"I just had a trial session, but I now want to do the full 10-series with Theresa. The rolfing itself was a much more powerful experience than I expected. When my session was over, I felt grounded emotionally and aligned physically. Theresa was also able to fix a nagging wrist injury that had prevented me from doing yoga for a few months. I can't wait to go back." -Cate

"Theresa always knows the right spots and is so pleasant to be around. I have been to many rolfers and she's the best! She is truly talented. I always feel taller when I leave!" -Alison

"Theresa is a blessing to anyone who experiences her services. She is mindful, intuitve and compassionate. I feel so blessed that our lives intertwined as she offered me wonderful healing." -Denise

"After getting injured at work, Theresa put me back together. She is an absolute miracle worker! Not only did she take my pain away, she came in after her normal scheduled hours on short notice. I can't express enough how happy and grateful I am, and how much better I feel!" -Molly

"I didn't know what to expect when I arrived for my first session With Theresa. The fingers in my right hand had been numb and tingling for a few weeks and I was at my ropes end. By the end of the session the tingling had gone away and just a little bit of numbness was left. But not only was the hand feeling better, but I felt better mentally and physically. I highly recommend Theresa and Rolfing to everyone. Thank You Theresa!" -Tim

"I have horrible TMJ and lock jaw tightness and pain. A session with Theresa saved my jaw. Theresa is such a warm, kind person and it is easy to put your ailment in her hands. Rolfing and Theresa are great at getting to the heart of the problem you are having." -Zachary

"Having not seen Theresa in quite some time I was completely unaware of how much work we were going to get done together. By the end of the session I was completely amazed on how much work was accomplished! I highly recommend Theresa Zordan! She will meet you where ever you're at and she will work with you to whatever limit that you're willing to take yourself to. Thanks again Theresa!" -Phoenix

"As a T-4 paraplegic, I have been looking for that one thing that can help my body feel whole and balanced again. I have very unique muscular, skeletal and phsychological "issues" (for lack of a better word) that I have been wanting to get taken care of. Theresa helps with all of that. I always feel great after a session with her." -Corey

"During my first session with Theresa I felt completely safe and wonderfully grounded. It was exactly what I had always hoped bodywork wound be (but never experienced before): focused, nourishing, powerful and meaningful. Theresa is a kind and gifted healer, and I can't wait till our next session!" -Lauren

"I have never had Rolfing before but I have a lot of experience with Massage, acupuncture and chiropratic. My symptoms have been the same for years but Theresa was able to access areas none of the other practitioners have ever focused on. As a result of my first visit to Theresa I have movement I areas I have not had for years, and have never had after visits to the other practitioners." -Cleveland

"Theresa brings so much expertise and passion to her work. Theresa’s knowledge of anatomy includes not just how your neck, back and hips are connected, but also how all of that all relates to your organs. After a few sessions with Theresa, tension that built up in my neck and back was dramatically minimized. With Theresa, you can experience the positive impact that greater balance can have. Theresa is very committed to her clients and a very warm person." -Alyssa


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Thank you, thank you! -Theresa



Sarah's feedback after the 10-series:

Sarah's feedback after the 10-series:

Dave talks about his experience with the Rolfing 10-series:

Theresa Zordan - Improve Gold Swing

Steve talks about his experience with five sessions:

Theresa Zordan - Improve Gold Swing

Watch this video of a golfer's improvement after just one session:

Theresa Zordan - Improve Gold Swing Theresa Zordan

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