• "I just had a trial session, but I now want to do the full 10-series with Theresa. The rolfing itself was a much more powerful experience than I expected. When my session was over, I felt grounded emotionally and aligned physically. Theresa was also able to fix a nagging wrist injury that had prevented me from doing yoga for a few months. I can't wait to go back."
Theresa Zordan

SourcePoint Therapy

Developed by Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei, SourcePoint Therapy is a system of energy work. It uses a series of techniques to provide a reference for each person's individual energy system as well as providing an energetic container for each session. There are several scans which provide information such as where each body would like to be first contacted, where the primary blockage to the flow of information is located, as well as the nature of each blockage. Once blockages are located manual, energetic, and education techniques are used to clear that blockage. There are also techniques for different healing methods such as extraction, chakra balancing, and sealing energetic leakages.

Using SourcePoint Therapy allows me to develop highly customized sessions, based on each person at that specific moment in time. When using SourcePoint therapy in conjunction with the 10-series, I can maximize the benefit of the structured sessions by focusing time and effort in the areas that are creating the greatest restrictions.


"The physical world is a reflection of energy vibrations from more subtle worlds that, in turn, are reflections of still more subtle energy fields. Creation, and all subsequent existence, is a progression downward and outward from the primordial source."
-Ervin Laszlo, Science and the Akashic Field

Theresa Zordan

Theresa Zordan

Certified Rolfer™
SourcePoint Therapist
5420 W. 41st Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80212

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