• "When I went to see Theresa, I was still congested and wheezy from a recent bout with bronchitis. Whatever she did made it so much easier for me to breathe. I have not coughed once since I left her 12 hours ago. And I was able to do my 3 mile walk in just under an hour! Thanks Theresa! I feel better and it is easier to move now…and I can touch my toes again!! Pleasant. Invigorating. Try it, You will like it." -Maazda


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Theresa Zordan

Working with Theresa:

The easiest way to schedule is by clicking on the 'book now' button on the right. If you would like to talk first, and get some questions answered, or, if you've heard the rumors that I have a great phone voice, give me a call at 303-261-2568. You can also email with questions, concerns, or to schedule at t.zordan@gmail.com.

There are two main options you can take if you'd like to work with me. We can do customized sessions to focus specifically on resolving your biggest concerns as quickly as possible, or we can do the standard Rolfing 10-series. Each has their merits. Generally speaking, if you are in acute pain or have a chronic, life-limiting issue you would like to resolve, doing custom sessions is what I recommended. This way we can focus on the root of the problem(s) and hopefully get you feeling good and moving freely as quickly as possible. Depending on your issue, your body, and your response to the work, this can take anywhere from 1 to 12 sessions, with the average being somewhere in the middle. If, on the other hand, you already feel good, but want to feel better, the 10-series is probably for you. The 10-series is a full-body tune up that will take us methodically through all the major (and most of the minor) structures of the body. If you're looking to improve as a functioning human being, from your posture and your breathing, to the way you walk, run, sit, and stand, the 10-series is the option for you. If you're undecided, I'm happy to talk more on the phone, via email, or at the start of your first session to decide the path that's most appropriate for you right now.

There are also a few 'special circumstances' under which you might choose to work with me. These include, but aren't limited to the following:

-Pregnancy: Yes, you can get Rolfed while you're pregnant, and many women have found relief from discomfort through Rolfing. Whether you're struggling to breathe, sleep, or just find a comfortable way to be, Rolfing can help create a little more space, for both of you so you can share your close quarters more easily. Rolfing can also help, in the week or two before your delivery, to open the pelvic floor and surrounding structures to ease your delivery. These sessions should be scheduled as standard Healing Sessions.

-Energy focused sessions: Maybe your physical body is feeling good. No nagging knee or shoulder pain here. But something feels off. Stuck. Not like yourself. If you want to do a session with more (or all) energy work instead of bodywork, we can do that. Using SourcePoint as well as earth-centered shamanic techniques we can work to clear whatever isn't serving you and return you to your highest potential. These sessions should be scheduled as standard Healing Sessions, but please make a note in the special request box when scheduling.

-Extended sessions: For most people, a 90-minute Rolfing session is enough input to give the body plenty to work with for a week or two. Sometimes, though, you might feel like it's just not enough. If you've already tried a few standard sessions, and you want extra lovin' in the form of an extra 30 minutes, please go ahead and schedule a two-hour session. This is not for beginners.

-Children: Children need Rolfing just as much as adults! Challenging births, tumbles down the stairs, car accidents, carrying heavy backpacks, and emotional traumas can all leave their marks. I work with kids 11 and under for free, so there's no reason not to give your child the best chance at a healthy grown-up body.

-Adolescents: Young adult (aged 12-17) sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes. Please allow that full 90-minutes, though the length of the session may vary depending on the individual.

The nitty-gritty details:

-While most sessions include 60-75 minutes of hands-on work, please allow the full session length for discussion and integration.

-This work is powerful and needs time to integrate. Please allow at least 24 hours after your session before exercising.

-You will remain clothed for your sessions. Wearing yoga pants or gym shorts and a t-shirt is ideal.

-Cash, checks, all major credit cards, and Venmo payments are accepted. Many HSA and FlexSpending cards are also accepted. I do not bill any insurance companies directly, but are happy to provide receipts and treatment notes if you would like to pursue reimbursement on your own.

-Missed appointments, cancellations, and rescheduling done with less than 24 hours notice will be billed in full.

*For any series of 5 or more sessions, many people find it interesting and helpful to take before and after pictures. It's highly recommend you do so. And if you DO take pictures, we can go over them together (yay!), since this (structural analysis) is kinda what I do and some drastic changes can be hard to spot with an untrained eye. We’ll schedule this at the end of your series; it will take about half an hour and cost you nothing. Pictures should be full length, from the front, back, and each side. Standing in underwear or tight shorts and a tank is ideal to show the most of your body.

Theresa Zordan

Theresa Zordan

Certified Rolfer™
SourcePoint Therapist
5420 W. 41st Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80212

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